Common Myths About Sex

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Many myths surround this topic. Nearly everyone has his/her a share of these myths. Some people start talking about these myths when they are teenagers. However, some of them persist into adulthood, thereby affecting the way people relate to their sexual lives. This article is going to share some misconceptions that people have about sex.

Popping the Cherry

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Some people believe that is a way of looking at the woman hymen to find out if she is virgin is she has engaged in sexual intercourse. Many cultures believe that the hymen is a marker of virginity. This is far from the truth since it cannot be used in telling much about the sexual activity of a woman. The hymen is the membrane that lines the vagina’s opening. Its actual size and shape vary from one lady to another. Typically, this membrane does not cover the entire opening of the vagina.

There is space that allows the menstrual discharge to leave one’s vagina. Some women are born without this membrane. Sometimes the minor hymen can be torn by strenuous physical activities such as vaginal intercourse. However, some women don’t experience bleeding or tearing during sex, since their hymen can stretch enough to ensure that the penis is fully accommodated. In other cases, tearing of this membrane might not be followed by bleeding.

Menstruation Is the Ultimate Barrier for a Baby

This is among the favorite pieces of sex lores. Many people believe that women cannot get pregnant by having sex while they are on their period. Even if this situation is highly unlikely, the possibility of getting pregnant cannot be ruled out entirely. Instead, this is determined by how long the menstrual cycle is. On average, this cycle lasts for approximately four weeks (28 days) in most women. Three to five days of the cycle are taken up by a period. The unfertilized ovules or eggs and the lining of the uterus are eliminated during the woman’s period.

Masturbation is Bad

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Many myths surround masturbation. For instance, some believe that it can make someone to go blind or lead to erectile dysfunction. It is also considered as one of leading causes of sexual dysfunction in ladies. Fortunately, science has proven that masturbation is beneficial for your health. For instance, it can help people to reach organism and relieve stress.

There Is No Orgasm without Vaginal Sex

Many people are for the ids that orgasm in women is a vaginal experience, which can be achieved through repeated vaginal penetration. This is not true since women can reach orgasm through curatorial stimulation. Both women and men should learn about their partner’s bodies to understand what they need to achieve their climax.



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Benefits of Anal Bleaching

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Anal bleaching, also called anal lightening s a process of making the skin around your anus to look lighter. You need to use a special cream to make the process successful. However, you need to know that the process of anal is delicate because the skin around the anus is sensitive.

You need to follow the right procedure for the process to be effective. People do the anal bleaching process for a couple of reasons, and this depends on the individual’s purpose. The following are the some of the benefits that of anal bleaching.

Improve the texture of your skin

lady covering her buttThis is one of the major benefits of anal bleaching, the skin around the anus gets a fine texture. If you are using a bleaching agent that contains ingredients of lactic acid. This lactic acid is capable of helping your skin exfoliate in the place where it is applied. This results in your skin getting lighter and smooth around the anus. The old skin is replaced with a new fine skin that is fine in texture.

Reduce the Acne Scars

Some people, unfortunately, develop acne scars around the buttock region due to excessive sweating or due to poor hygiene. The anus, therefore, gets affected by some disease that leaves scars around the buttocks. If you do the anal bleaching, you will be able to eliminate the scars by applying a bleaching agent with Emblica extracts. This ingredient has the power to get rid of the scars and makes the region lighten. The spots will permanently disappear, and the skin remains smooth and fine.

Promotes Anti-inflammation

There are some properties of anti-inflammation that are found in the bleaching cream that you use for your anal bleaching. This cream helps the user in reducing the pain and swelling that occur around the anus. The creams contain the emblica extracts that helps in treating the skin conditions that affect the region around the anus. For those people who have problems when they sweat excessively and develop some pains, you need to use the bleaching cream that acts as an anti-inflammation.

Eliminates the hyperpigmentation issues

Bleaching cream contains the kojic acid helps in diminishing the hyperpigmentation issues like the melisma and the freckles. The kojic acid is also known for its ability to prevent melanin production on the skin that is around the anus. These infections can spread easily if they are not treated. Therefore, the bleaching process helps significantly in eliminating all the traces of these hyperpigmentation issues.

Improves self-esteem

white undiesSome women like showing off their anal regions in occasions like modeling events or when they are having fun on the beach during holidays. For those who have darker skin, they usually feel low esteemed due to this condition. Anal bleaching helps the skin around the anus to enlighten and appear smooth, and this gives women self-esteem when they are in their bikinis and thongs.

Anal bleaching makes the buttocks to look attractive. After the anal bleaching, one can wear exposing clothes without feeling shy or wondering what others might be thinking about them.…

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Things You Should Not Do During a Sensual Massage

Sensual massage relaxes the body by engaging all your senses through the message itself and through the sexual arousal. It is, therefore, a good remedy for you if you want to feel relaxed and fulfilled, especially after a long week. In order for you to enjoy a sensual massage session, there are some things that you should never do. Let’s find out what they are.

Never Arrive Late

Any type of appointment usually requires a person to arrive in time. When you want to book a sensual massage session, you need to make appointments before you can get the sensual massage services. Once you have booked an appointment, it is important that you also arrive in time. Although you might think that it is your time, you should also remember that it is your masseuse business. You, therefore, need to treat your sensual massage sessions like any other important appointments.

Don’t Be Nervous

You might get a bit nervous if you are having your first sensual massage ever. However, it is always advisable that you stay as calm as possible. This is because it is important for your masseuse to have an easy time working his or her magic on your body. You also need to relax and focus all your attention on your breathing and your body.

Don’t Run the Show

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you should always avoid. You should remember that you are on your masseuse’s turf. So the masseuse is the one who should be in-charge. All you will need to do is to lie down and be as calm as possible. This way, you will be able to get the most out of your session.

Disrespect Your Therapist

It is very important that you honor the boundaries of your masseuse. However, these boundaries may sometimes vary depending on your masseuse and your service provider. You should, therefore, ask for permission before you touch. If you will be allowed, fine. If you are not allowed, then respect that.

Think About Work

When you are getting a sensual massage, you should forget about everything about work or anything else that isn’t roses or bunnies. Remember, this is your time. So you should make the most out of it. Your phone should also be switched off. You need to keep away anything that can distract you. This way, the sensual touches will be so effective. Check out best tantric massage in London if you really want quality services.


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Five types of sex toys that you should know


There exists a certain social stigma on mean and sex toys. Women find it easier to openly talk about their vibrators today. However, when a man talks about a pocket pussy, it is regarded as an advanced level of perversion on their part. Based on the high adoption of the toys by men, it is high time these perceptions are done away with. If you need to learn more about sex toys, visit Those men who hardly get sex due to work or solitude, here are some things every guy can keep beside their table drawers.

Types of sex toys that you should know

The cock ring

Once you get to use the cock ring, you will never fathom sex without it. The cock ring simply attaches on the penis and scrotum base. This traps the blood running inside your penis. This gives you a rock hard erection. Unlike the high school days when the bra of a woman got you ecstatic, this will be an experience that results in an orgasm without going through much effort. Before you contemplate asking your doctor about Viagra, find the merits of a cock ring from your porn store clerks.


Rocket pocket

No one wants a very big vibrator that will consume too much space within the house. Something compact yet effective is good enough. If you have a go-slow on your sex life, this is the tool to use. The pocket rocket is not meant for penetration but rather stimulation of the clitoris. Those who are more adventurous can rest in on their penis glans. There are versions with attached sections that resemble a bunny that delivers even greater performance.


If masturbation is an activity you relish during times of low sexual action, this is it. This is your best substitute for the physical pleasures that arise from bachelorhood. It helps in keeping your stamina in check during periods of long drawn out dry spells. The fleshlight is quite affordable and delivers just right. This is the best way to combine your cock rings. This effort can be likened to a sexual triathlon that will invigorate your sexual experience.

P-spot dildo

This might seem odd, but it’s high time you got to feel you’re prostrate. It is unfortunate for any guy who is afraid of discovering the pleasure experience of their butthole. You might be against it until you do a little fondling down there are discover it. If you cannot get cozy with the brown, you might at least do some perineum fiddling. This is referred to as the taint. As you press hard on it, the good feeling arises.

Handcuff restraints

Leather wrist cuffs, handcuffs, or any other restraint that you find appealing are tools you must have. You should not restrain your partners to be restrained. These activities are fun-filled when added onto a sexual scenario and will greatly invigorate your sexual experience. Handcuffs may scare any simple casual dates. This situation enables you to gauge your current situation and helps you pick the sex toy deemed appropriate.…

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The benefits of watching porn


Watching porn is discouraged in almost every society. At school, students are punished for watching porn. In the churches, porn is viewed as a sin. A bigger sin than having sex itself. It is believed that porn causes sexual immorality in the society. The society view porn as the avenue that causes moral erosion in it. It is, therefore, possible to blame everything on sex. However, recent studies have shown that is completely wrong. Porn has very significant benefits. Unknown to many, the porn industry, is one of the biggest industries in the world offering millions of people with employment opportunities. What are the benefits of watching porn?

Improves on your health


Despite many books highlighting porn as a possible cause of brain health issues and relationship problems, advanced studies have shown a positive result. Further results have shown that porn does not cause any adverse effect on the brain. In fact, it has been noted that people who watch porn have better brain health. There is, even more, satisfaction with couples who watch porn. Porn increases the brains’ ability to have more sex. Sex is a game of the brain, and one is challenged to have more sex by watching porn.


It relieves stress

As known to many people, porn helps in relieving stress. Daily chores lead to fatigue and stress. Stress is unhealthy. It has been associated with many lifestyle diseases. Just like actual sex, porn is a perfect reliever of stress. Imagine a single person with no family and friends or a traveling person. When he gets home, no one is there for him. Porn is a complete solution. It relieves stress like real sex.

Adds libido

Libido is the urge to have sex. In a recent study on porn, there is a positive correlation between a man’s sex drive and porn. Porn involves showing different types of sex styles. Adding a few different styles from porn is really thrilling. Porn challenges a man to have more sex. When one watches porn, the urge to have sex increases. If a couple watches porn together. They get aroused. The adventurous nature of porn adds some sex education to a couple. Even if the couple may not end up perfecting the styles and the adventures, they will absolutely improve their sex life.

Appropriate for people with disability

cghccghcghcghPeople with disabilities are viewed as not to have the same sex drive as enabled people. However this is wrong, people with disabilities also have sexual needs. Sex to them is a challenging activity. They may not have hands to use in foreplay. Watching porn enables them to get aroused. Porn is also a solution to people with low sex drive. Watching porn for a long time will increase sexual desires. For people who masturbate, porn can really add a flavor to their lives.…

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The benefits of having sex


Most people say that sex is good to keep a relationship strong and to some extent, this is very true because if you are married and your sex life goes down you are likely to start having problems in your own house. Most women and ladies enjoy having intimate situations with their lovers. When your lover is ready and free to make love to you, it gives you a good feeling, and it makes you feel loved.

Apart from that, sex is not only meant to give pleasure. It has been discovered that there are benefits of having sex. Sex can make some people feel embarrassed, and this might lead to depression if one is unable to perform it well. We have heard some cases where some men have sex problems, and some of them come about because they have been dormant for a long time. Below are some benefits of having sex:

Good sleep


This applies to most men. Most men after having an ejaculation fall asleep. You sleep instantly, and the next time you realize it is morning. Why do you think that most men fall deep asleep after having sex? It is because having an orgasm enables them to reduce the blood pressure and make them relax and thus fall asleep. The hormones that are released by both men and women after sex have calming effects that make them feel relaxed, and after this, they fall asleep.


Relieves stress and tension

It has been discovered that sex helps to relieve stress and tension. As discussed above, the hormones released by the body have a calming effect on an individual and what does this mean? If you were stressed about something, you would suddenly feel relieved and relaxed meaning you will not be worried about anything. Sex is also good because you are sure that you cannot have diseases such as heart attack and blood pressure because your stress will always be well-taken care of.

Strengthens your immune system

Of all the benefits I did not expect this one too but am more than convinced that regular sex can boost your immune system. There is a hormone released by adrenal glands known as dehydroepiandrosterone after one has had an orgasm. The body converts this hormone to sex hormones. For the females, this hormone is converted to estrogen while the males it is converted to testosterone. These hormones protect you from aging and promote the growth of bones. It also enables your skin to look smooth.

Reduce weight

fhgcghchgcgchccSex is known to help you reduce your weight. Some people cannot do some exercises because they are stressful. What you should know is, if you are obese do not stress yourself on how to burn your fat. If you have sex for half an hour, you burn as many calories as the person who has walked for half an hour too. Sex helps the body reduce a lot of calories in the shortest time possible.…

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Discovery School

Preparing Students For The Changing Tomorrow

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As we prepare our students to become the leaders of tomorrow, we realize the skills that they will need to succeed exceed beyond academic preparedness. We not only prepare students with solid academic readiness, we also teach them to ask good questions, reason, problem-solve, communicate and to use teamwork, all skills necessary for the ever changing world.

Whether in the classroom practicing math skills, or in the community checking on Bluebird boxes, toasting the completion of a published book on Author�s Day, observing the life cycle of mealworms, or traveling to Washington, DC to receive the �Take Pride in America� award, Discovery students are engaged in their learning, building on their knowledge, and developing their voice.



Welcome to the Discovery School website. If you are a visitor, hopefully you will find helpful information about the school, and Spokane History, a community service research project of students. If you are a parent, log-in and find essential news and interactive features about school activities. Again, Welcome!




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