Common Myths About Sex

Many myths surround this topic. Nearly everyone has his/her a share of these myths. Some people start talking about these myths when they are teenagers. However, some of them persist into adulthood, thereby affecting the way people relate to their sexual lives. This article is going to share some misconceptions that people have about sex.

Popping the Cherry

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Some people believe that is a way of looking at the woman hymen to find out if she is virgin is she has engaged in sexual intercourse. Many cultures believe that the hymen is a marker of virginity. This is far from the truth since it cannot be used in telling much about the sexual activity of a woman. The hymen is the membrane that lines the vagina’s opening. Its actual size and shape vary from one lady to another. Typically, this membrane does not cover the entire opening of the vagina.

There is space that allows the menstrual discharge to leave one’s vagina. Some women are born without this membrane. Sometimes the minor hymen can be torn by strenuous physical activities such as vaginal intercourse. However, some women don’t experience bleeding or tearing during sex, since their hymen can stretch enough to ensure that the penis is fully accommodated. In other cases, tearing of this membrane might not be followed by bleeding.

Menstruation Is the Ultimate Barrier for a Baby

This is among the favorite pieces of sex lores. Many people believe that women cannot get pregnant by having sex while they are on their period. Even if this situation is highly unlikely, the possibility of getting pregnant cannot be ruled out entirely. Instead, this is determined by how long the menstrual cycle is. On average, this cycle lasts for approximately four weeks (28 days) in most women. Three to five days of the cycle are taken up by a period. The unfertilized ovules or eggs and the lining of the uterus are eliminated during the woman’s period.

Masturbation is Bad

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Many myths surround masturbation. For instance, some believe that it can make someone to go blind or lead to erectile dysfunction. It is also considered as one of leading causes of sexual dysfunction in ladies. Fortunately, science has proven that masturbation is beneficial for your health. For instance, it can help people to reach organism and relieve stress.

There Is No Orgasm without Vaginal Sex

Many people are for the ids that orgasm in women is a vaginal experience, which can be achieved through repeated vaginal penetration. This is not true since women can reach orgasm through curatorial stimulation. Both women and men should learn about their partner’s bodies to understand what they need to achieve their climax.



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