Discovery School | Search Tools

Kids Search Engines/Directories
Directories – indexed databases with sites that have been selected and reviewed by humans. One of these directories is a good place to start your research.
Kids Click
Dewey Browse – directory organized by Dewey #s
ASK for Kids
Search Engines – matches your search words from text of pages. Returns lots of sites, you have to do the sorting and checking for reliability.
Google – with Kidsafe on
OneKey Kidsafe Search Engine
AltaVista – Family safe on
Public Library Sites
Spokane Public Library
Spokane County Library
Interesting Places to Find Information
World Almanac for Kids
Time for Kids
Earth and Moon Viewer
Find out about what happened on a special day – dMarie
World’s Biomes – Blue Planet
World Biomes
World Climate – Weather stats for many places in world
Weather for Kids – many great resources
Spanish – English Dictionary – Enchanted Learning
Outline Maps
Map Machine – from National Geographic