Discovery School | Welcome Letter

The Lifetime Celebration of Learning Begins Here!

Dear Friends,

Recently, I received a gift. It was the voices of the past – voices of children, now young adults. They were speaking about what they had received at Discovery School as young children. The lessons they had learned without even knowing the impact it would play on their lives years later. The lessons of community service and giving back were a common theme played over and over again. As I sat and listened to these mature, confident adults, I was overcome with emotion. Everything I work at and believe in was there, there in those individual�s voices and testimonies. These young adults are truly incredible citizens and people.

{Tree Planting Day at Turnbull}

Last year, I was in Washington DC along with 40 other Discovery School students, parents and staff to receive a �Take Pride In America� award from the Dept. of the Interior for our volunteer work on public lands. We were one of twenty-eight recipients to receive this distinction and only one of four schools to receive this honor. For years Discovery has been in partnership with Turnbull Wildlife Refuge near Cheney, WA. Not only have hours of volunteer work and community service been a part of the partnership we enjoy with Turnbull but our science curriculum is integrated into the studies that take place at Turnbull and are brought back to the school for further study. Providing the opportunities for learning through integrated experiences is an educators dream. A sixth grade student who was with us from K thru 6th ranked in the 99% on the ITBS science scores.

The process of learning is a long road and the results do not show up overnight. It is many years in coming. I was lucky. I received a gift when I heard these young adults speak about the difference that Discovery School made. Picking up trash, collecting food for the food bank, and working at Turnbull are all educational experiences that help develop civic and community minded leaders. The leadership, confidence, and self-assurance that I heard in those adult voices, will someday be, the voices of the children who are with me today.

Gayle Peterson
School Head