The benefits of having sex

Most people say that sex is good to keep a relationship strong and to some extent, this is very true because if you are married and your sex life goes down you are likely to start having problems in your own house. Most women and ladies enjoy having intimate situations with their lovers. When your lover is ready and free to make love to you, it gives you a good feeling, and it makes you feel loved.

Apart from that, sex is not only meant to give pleasure. It has been discovered that there are benefits of having sex. Sex can make some people feel embarrassed, and this might lead to depression if one is unable to perform it well. We have heard some cases where some men have sex problems, and some of them come about because they have been dormant for a long time. Below are some benefits of having sex:

Good sleep


This applies to most men. Most men after having an ejaculation fall asleep. You sleep instantly, and the next time you realize it is morning. Why do you think that most men fall deep asleep after having sex? It is because having an orgasm enables them to reduce the blood pressure and make them relax and thus fall asleep. The hormones that are released by both men and women after sex have calming effects that make them feel relaxed, and after this, they fall asleep.


Relieves stress and tension

It has been discovered that sex helps to relieve stress and tension. As discussed above, the hormones released by the body have a calming effect on an individual and what does this mean? If you were stressed about something, you would suddenly feel relieved and relaxed meaning you will not be worried about anything. Sex is also good because you are sure that you cannot have diseases such as heart attack and blood pressure because your stress will always be well-taken care of.

Strengthens your immune system

Of all the benefits I did not expect this one too but am more than convinced that regular sex can boost your immune system. There is a hormone released by adrenal glands known as dehydroepiandrosterone after one has had an orgasm. The body converts this hormone to sex hormones. For the females, this hormone is converted to estrogen while the males it is converted to testosterone. These hormones protect you from aging and promote the growth of bones. It also enables your skin to look smooth.

Reduce weight

fhgcghchgcgchccSex is known to help you reduce your weight. Some people cannot do some exercises because they are stressful. What you should know is, if you are obese do not stress yourself on how to burn your fat. If you have sex for half an hour, you burn as many calories as the person who has walked for half an hour too. Sex helps the body reduce a lot of calories in the shortest time possible.

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